Crutch/Comfort Pads


These versatile pads provide pressure relief and support for users with fragile skin or hand disabilities.  Constructed from a core of high density polyurethane foam, topped on either side with a visco elastic memory foam layer, and covered in a multi-stretch, waterproof fabric, these pads easily wrap round a crutch or stick handle and other walking aids.  The pads are easily fitted and removed using the Velcro fastenings.

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  • Supplied as a pair
  • Pressure relief and support for those with fragile skin or hand disabilities
  • Memory foam covered with waterproof, multi-stretch fabric
  • Can be used to wrap round a crutch, stick handle or other walking aid
  • Velcro fastenings for easy fitting and removal

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5 x 5 x 1 ½" (13 x 13 x 3½ cm)


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