Bathtub Grab Bar

£47.99 (£39.99 w/ VAT exempt)

The Bathtub grab bar provides a firm handle on the bath side, giving users confidence and providing a stable aid to assist when getting into and out of the bath.  Using its high quality clamp, the coated steel rail fixes easily but securely to the side of the bath.  The inside of the clamp has rubber padding to prevent any marking of the bath as well as improving stability. This easy fitting system means that that the rail can be quickly and easily repositioned to suit each individual user, or removed completely for easy storage or transportation when not required. The rail can be used on metal, stone or fibreglass baths whose sides range in thickness between 3″ and 7″ (7 ½ to 18 cm). This product is not suitable for use on roll-top or lipped-style baths.

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  • Simple but effective bath safety aid
  • Improves user confidence
  • Easy to fit and remove if required
  • High quality steel construction
  • Fits baths in a range of thicknesses, between 3″ and 7″ (7 ½ to 18 cm)

Additional information

Possible VAT Exemption


Overall height

19 ½ " (49 ½ cm)

Height (above the tub)

14 ¾" (37 ½ cm)

Clamp width

3 – 7" (7 ½ – 18 cm)


5 ½ lb (2 ½ kg)

Max. user weight

15 st (95 kg)


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