Coilers Shoelaces


The cleverly designed shoelaces are an elastic-based pair of laces which may be tightened or loosened, but do not require tying by the user.  Simply lace the shoes up, release the laces at the required pressure and the lace will coil to keep itself securely in place. They have no pressure points and allow natural movement for comfort. Fits up to eight pairs of eyelets.  Also available in Brown, White and Royal Blue.

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  • Ideal for those with limited hand mobility, eg, arthritis
  • Laces do not require tying
  • Simply pull to secure
  • Fits up to 8 pairs of eyelets
  • Available in a range of colours

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Black, Brown, White, Royal Blue


1 oz (20g)


When coiled: 6'' (15 cm)
When fully extended: 28'' (71 cm)

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