Memory Foam Knee Support Pillow


This simple but effective knee support pillow helps to alleviate pressure between the knees and ankles by providing gentle cushioning and by creating space between the legs.  As a result, it takes pressure away from the lower back and hips allowing the spine to assume its natural ʻSʼ shape, thus helping to keep the lower body in proper alignment and therefore reducing strain. Made from visco elastic memory foam, this product is ideal for people with hip problems as it helps overstretched muscles, ligaments and tendons reducing aches and pains during the night. The washable velour cover is extremely comfortable and has a touch close fastening making it easy to remove or put back on.

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  • Made from visco elastic memory foam
  • Ideal for those that suffer from painful hips
  • Highly supportive and incredibly comfortable
  • Designed to alleviate stresses and strains by reducing pressure on the hips and lower back
  • Removable and washable velour cover

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10 ¼ " (26 cm)


10 ¼ " (26 cm)

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